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The Adventures of DEVMO
is out now!

DEVMO's latest project, "The Adventures of DEVMO" is a collaborative effort between Stefan Lit, Position Music, and herself. In this trap rap album, DEVMO conveys the message of having pure confidence and never giving up at achieving your dreams! With upbeat hooks and hard-hitting drops, his comic book themed EP will give you the courage to boldly go out into the world just the way you are!



Devin Moses, aka DEVMO, is everything but a typical rap artist. As a petite red-head from Santa Monica, audiences are in pure shock when she starts flowing with fluidity and bite while also delivering a message she is experiencing in her daily life. DEVMO strives for authenticity and entertainment, and on that alone, she's opened locally and internationally for artists like Angel Haze, Snow Tha Product, Caskey, and more. 

In 2020, DEVMO wrote "Too Many Shoes" for a DSW TikTok campaign that went viral with the hashtag #TooManyShoes hitting over 4 Billion views. Pop icon Jennifer Lopez even made a video to it, to promote her shoe line. Her song "Are You Ready" made an appearance on Love Island US, and her song "Blow Up" was featured on the SnapChat show "Move it!" hosted by influential dancer, Dytto. DEVMO returned from her first 36-city tour in 2018 and has performed at many pride events across the country. It's safe to say DEVMO has found her sound as she combines melodic choruses and fast paced rapping verses to create a style all her own. 

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